How to integrate Boundless Licensing to Cisco Meraki

How to integrate Boundless Licensing to your Meraki Dashboard.
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As you may already know, the Boundless Licensing solution is powered by the Meraki Dashboard API.

By integrating with the Meraki Dashboard API and through the use of an active API key, Boundless Licensing captures all of the data in regards to your existing licenses and hardware. Being able to track this allows for the dashboard to be populated with everything that concerns your licenses. 

Follow this article to learn more about how to integrate your Meraki organization into the Boundless Platform.

How to connect your Meraki organization with Boundless Licensing

Before adding your Meraki API key to Boundless Licensing, there are a couple of steps you should follow first:

Step 1 | Enable your Meraki API Key

You can create your Meraki API key from the Meraki Dashboard.

But before doing so, first and foremost you need to make sure that you have the Dashboard API Access enabled for your Meraki organization

You can do so by clicking on Organization → Settings, and scrolling down until you see the sub-section Dashboard API Access.

Check the box where it says "Enable access to the Cisco Meraki Dashboard API". Then click on Save Changes.

Step 2 | Generate your Meraki API Key

Once enabled, you can generate your new API key (if you haven't done so already). This can be done on your Profile.

Just scroll down to Generate new API key (once generated, make sure you save your API key in a safe place, as you can't retrieve it again once leaving this page).

If you need any additional guidance, check out the short video we've prepared to show you how to do it. 

Step 3 | Integrate Meraki and Boundless Licensing

Once you have the API key securely stored on your computer, you just need to connect it to the Boundless Licensing dashboard.

During the Onboarding call, a Boundless team member will guide you through the steps to enter your API key.

Once the connection is in place, you will receive your Workspace credentials via email within 48 hours following the Onboarding call.
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