Managing your media assets for your captive portal design

Learn how to add media assets to Boundless so you can use them in your splash pages
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Updated 2 years ago


Here we'll go through the simple process of uploading media assets into your Boundless library. This will enable you to customize your logos and backgrounds!

After reading this article you'll have a clear picture of how the Media Library works on the platform.


  • You must have created your organization on the Boundless platform before you access the Media Library


Step 1 | Open Media Library

Head the the Media Library under the Create tab. You'll start in the My Files section.

Here you can see all the files you've uploaded into your library, and sort through your assets by date or by media type. 

Your space should look empty just like this one since you probably haven't uploaded anything yet!

Step 2.1 | Add Media from Computer

To upload assets from your drive, simply head over to the Upload Files section.

You can drag and drop your files or select them by clicking Browse for upload

Step 2.2 | Add media from URL

You can also upload media directly from a URL.

Simply go to Add from URL and enter the link as shown below, and your image or video will be added to the library!

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