Getting started with Boundless Guest

Take your first steps on Boundless Guest to begin setting up Guest WiFi service
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To set up Boundless Guest you must have a functioning internet connection.

Getting started with Boundless Guest is incredibly simple, and will take you just a few minutes.

By the end of this article, you will be ready to take full advantage of our Captive Portal solution. You'll be all set to create networks, edit Splash Pages, set access controls, and do much more on our platform!

How to set up Boundless Guest

Step 1 | Create a new workspace

This will be the first thing you see when you open the Boundless Guest.

Choose the name and region for your workspace and click Next to continue. Don't stress too much about this as you can easily change the name later if you aren't sure now. 😉

Step 2 | Set up your organization workspace

Next, you'll need to set up the workspace you've just created.

We suggest going with Quick Setup if you're using Meraki, as this allows you to import all your venues and devices automatically. Here's an article explaining How to integrate Meraki

If you aren't using Meraki equipmen\t, then you'll need to go through the manual set up route. Don't worry though, creating venues is very simple on the Boundless 😬

Simply click on Manual Setup and follow the steps to proceed.

Step 3 | Create your venues

Head over to the Venues tab on the left to add a new site. These are essentially the same as networks in Meraki.

Here you'll be able to see the options for adding sites manually, uploading all your sites via CSV/Excel format, or using a vendor API.

Click on New Site to continue Simply enter the information manually, or drag and drop your file to upload your sites.

We highly recommend uploading via CSV/Excel as this will save you lots of time. You can click on the Download Custom Sample Template button to view the prescribed format.

Step 4 | End Setup

After clicking continue, you should arrive at the finish page.

You can click the Previous button if you wish to go back and make any changes. Otherwise, you can end the process by simply clicking the Finish.

This will create all your venues on Boundless Guest and you're all ready to go!

Notes and remarks

Well done! You've set up your first workspace, filled it with your venues and are now ready to deliver your Captive Portal

Although you've completed the set up, this is only the first step. We highly recommend going through our other articles so you can learn how to better use the platform. 😃
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