Create and configure your ticketing authentication access

In this article you'll learn how to optimally configure a ticketing system for your Guest WiFi
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After you've launched the Guest WiFi and chosen a ticketing authentication, you'll want to determine the settings for your ticketing system,

With the Boundless Platform you have much more flexibility on how you hand out tickets. 

If you aren't sure whether or not you're using the correct authentication method, check out our article on Which authentication method is right for you


  • You must have created your organization on the Boundless platform before you begin to configure your WiFi settings


Step 1 | Go onto the Authentication Settings tab

Simply head over to the tab and you'll see all the tools for editing how customers use your Guest WiFi.

Step 2 | Configure

Head over to the Ticketing tab and select the Create Ticket button to begin setting up a new ticket.

Here you can set your schedule, choose your confirmation type and your confirmation message.

You can also head over to Role Management if you wish to create a user that can only hand out tickets.

For more information on how to use the role management feature click here

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