Create or remove a venue

Learn how to create or remove venue within your Boundless workspace.
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In this section you'll learn how to make new venues.

Venues correspond to networks in Meraki and creating a new venue is necessary to start using the Boundless Guest wifi service.

The process is shown below. You only need to follow a few simple steps to set up your venue on Boundless!


  • You must have created your workspace on Boundless Guest before you begin to set up new venues.
If you've set up your workspace with Meraki, your sites should be automatically uploaded onto Boundless Guest.

How to create your venues

Step 1 | Adding a venue

To begin creating your venue, head to the Venues tab. Click on the New Site button to begin the process.

You'll be asked to add some information about the venue before you can create it

Step 2 | Upload your devices

When you create a venue, you can also upload all the devices within that venue upon instantiation.  You can also add and change these later on.

View our article on How to add devices to view how you can add, remove and change devices on Boundless Guest

After following these simple steps, simply click the Finish button and you'll see the your new venue in the list!

Part 2 | Deleting a Venue

Often you may want to remove a venue from your workspace.

This can be done easily in the venues tab. Simply click on the venue you wish to remove and press the delete icon on the top right.

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