Getting Started with Boundless Access Control

This is a quick guide on getting your Boundless workspace set up to use Access Control
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To implement controlled access to the Meraki dashboard, Boundless Access Control uses a Chrome browser extension, which can be found here.

Please, make sure you have installed and activated the extension on your Chrome browser before starting using Boundless Access Control.

If you’ve already downloaded the extension and imported your API key to Boundless Access Control, you can move ahead to this article.

Installing the extension

The Boundless Access Control functionality is dependent upon the extension, which allows the solution to control users’ accesses to the Meraki dashboard.

Once downloaded, the extension works automatically and does not need to be edited for use, as it syncs directly with the Access Control Lists and Permissions you set up on the Boundless dashboard. 

The browser extension keeps track of every user and the specific Access Control List and Permission Levels assigned to them on Boundless.

The Boundless Digital extension is currently only available in Google Chrome but will be released for Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge soon.

How does the extension work

The extension takes control of your browser to hide all parts of the dashboard that a user should not have access to. This is done by manipulating the HTML on the page.

The extension is only mandatory for restricted users. While it is not essential for administrators that assign and control user roles, it is however recommended that you install the extension for testing.

Users who do not have the extension installed will not be able to access the Boundless dashboard. If a user attempts to delete the extension after accessing the dashboard, they will also be automatically logged out.

Connecting Boundless to Meraki

The next thing you’ll need to get set up before using Boundless Access Control is your API key.

If you need help obtaining your API key, you can review the Meraki Documentation.

After logging into Boundless, you will automatically be prompted for your API key. The Meraki API key allows us to synchronize the Boundless dashboard with your Meraki dashboard. 

Once you’ve entered your API key, everything will be set up for you to begin creating Access Control Lists. You can find more information on how to do so in this article.

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