Using the User Management tool

Learn how to better control your Meraki administrators through the User Management tools
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To use Boundless User Management for the first time, please ensure that you’ve connected the Boundless dashboard to your Meraki dashboard by using your Meraki API key.

Also, you would need to import the organizations on which you wish to create or edit users using the User Management tool. This can be done by simply clicking the Add Meraki Organizations button under the Organizations tab.

What is the User Management tool

Included is part of the Boundless Access Control solution, the User Management feature allows you to create, edit or delete users in mass across many Meraki organizations.

If you’ve ever had to go through manually creating an administrator to multiple organizations each time you have a new addition to your team, you can really benefit from the User Management tool.

User Management allows you to add a new user to all your organizations in one go. Simply enter the User (or administrator) and select which organizations you want to grant them access to. Then go ahead and create the access.

You can even create the same access for many different Users at the same time!

The User Management tool is also particularly useful for deleting users in bulk. You can simply click on a User to see all of the organizations that they have access to.

After doing so, you can also remove a selected user from all of their organizations. This is of great benefit if you’ve recently had a member leave your team, as manually having to delete them from each organization can take up a lot of time that could have been spent more productively.

The Boundless User Management tool allows you to completely automate the creation and deletion of multiple Meraki administrators, while also providing you with a single, centralized viewpoint to manage all your administrators, both simply and effectively.
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